Poster Backgrounds

Would you like to display your standards, academic vocabulary, or class rules? Do you have a favorite quote? How about a copy of a visual learning aide?

We can turn those into a poster.

To order, fill out our online order form or send us an email. Be sure to include your name, your school, and the requested completion date.

Denote if you wish for our design team to create the poster, or you may attach your poster as a PDF, a Word document or a Publisher document.


Color banner (50" x 24")

Regular size color poster
(24" x 36")

Half-size color poster

Regular size B&W poster
(24" x 36")

Half-size B&W poster

-- $10.00

-- $ 6.00

-- $ 3.00

-- $ 3.00​

-- $ 1.50

(prices include laminate)